Wednesday, 16 May 2012

#Volunteers Week...

As many of you will know, 1st - 7th June is volunteers week around the UK and here at Oxfam we want to celebrate it!

We're hoping to run little training sessions on Friday 1st, Monday 4th and Wednesday 6th to give everyone a taste of what we do here in oxfam.

Whether its as part of the shop floor team, sorting and pricing team or joining us here on the top floor to find out all about the online side part of Oxfam, we would love to have you.

Volunteering isnt just for these 7 days though. We have a wonderful team here who not only enjoy the days they volunteer, but have also found that volunteering has changed their lives in someway or another.

Most have had the chance to learn new skills or meet people from different backgrounds and so many finish each day in a positive frame of mind knowing that even just an hour has made our fight against poverty easier.

If you would like the chance to volunteer with us in Exeter (in either our books, music or standard shops)
contact us via
Twitter: @exeOOSoxfam
E-mail or phone: (01392) 437385 (standard) (01392) 493433 (books) (01392) 253796 (music)
Or visit us at 96-98 South Street, Exeter, EX1 1EN

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