Friday, 30 March 2012

Blimey we're going vintage...

It's official! The summer is here and it's time to rock those frocks.

To celebrate the arrival of summer we are going back in time and picking out some of the amazing vintage items that we have in stock.

There is so much to choose from...

How about... a 50's silk dress?

A 60's evening dress with black and white animal print?

Just take a look at what we've got photographed ready to go online...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

A great few weeks...

Since our refit during January and February, our volunteers have been working hard on listing the generous donations we've received and posting the items that you've kindly bought from us.

It's been a fantastic few weeks for us during march and I've been overwhelmed by the efforts of my team and now i'm happy to report that we have alot more room in our online area and would love some new volunteers to help fill up all this empty space!

If you're worried about anything to do with becoming a volunteer here in exeter and working for the online side of our business, please dont be afraid to contact us.

Details about what you would do as a volunteer are outlined in other posts on this blog.

Tel: 01392 437385
tweet: @exeOOSoxfam
facebook: 'Oxfam Exeter Online Shop'