Thursday, 10 May 2012

Looking forward to summer...

Like us, I'm sure you can't wait for those glorious sunny days when you can rock your favourite frock or (board shorts) and frolick barefoot on the beach.

We're hoping that those days aren't far away and are putting some fantastic clothes onto our snazzy new website.

There's so much to choose from! Elegant floaty dresses to daring skirts or tailored shorts to checked shirts.

And don't forget those every so important accessories. We've got a deluge of gorgeous scarves ready to go online, including many that are 100% silk and have that beautiful vintage style to them.

And what do you need to carry everything around in but a fashionable and practical handbag (or rucksack if it's a big day out!).

We have so many items on our website to cater for all your needs!

Let us know what gems you find via our twitter feed.

We look forward to hearing from all of you lovely people!

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