Thursday, 2 February 2012

Here we go...

Greetings from Exeter! I am currently writing to you from Oxfam’s bookshop as my own shop (the standard clothing, accessories and new products one) is currently undergoing a rather nifty re-fit.

That does mean that we are sadly not able to sell any of our gorgeous clothing or fashionable accessories online until we go back in on February 17th (fingers crossed!).

We will be offering you updates about the re-fit itself and other  opportunities that we have for those who want to know about second hand clothing, fabulous accessories and we’ll also be giving you the low down on our Vintage and DIY ranges that will soon be available.

Myself, the shop’s deputy manager, will be busy on various little projects aimed at getting in new volunteers and new customers alike. We’re still offering training in the 3 main departments of our online business (which I manage for the standard shop as well!). These are ‘Listing’, ‘Photographing’ and ‘Posting’. A profile for each will be up shortly!

During the next few weeks this blog will go from these bare bones to something far more exciting and offer you something to come back to again and again, week after week.


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